CIMRE is a non-profit aiming to catalyze innovation, training and entrepreneurship, with a focus on commercialization of R&D in mining. Incorporated in November 2017, CIMRE brings together end users, e.g., multinational mining companies, technology integrators and providers (including start-ups) and university researchers to create, evolve and validate intellectual property. CIMRE delivers economic, environmental and social benefits by addressing major industry-defined challenges that require medium to long-term collaborative efforts.

Commercialization Model.

Validation of Research through Application. Through collaborative and consortium-based projects. Assist in launching field trials, across Canada and internationally.

Aggregate and Leverage Partner Project Funds or Investment. Develop strategies to best access range of government and other funding programs. Assist with partnerships and team building for projects, including identifying research expertise.

Train Next Generation Talent | Upskilling. Address the talent gap in mining through participation in innovation or applied research projects with end users, technology providers, etc.

Spin-out Intellectual Property. Accumulate and advance research to spin-out stronger start-ups in cooperation with ecosystem, e.g., venture partners, incubators, and accelerators.

Contact Information

info@cimre.ca | 778.999.2892 | Vancouver, BC Canada